There’s a place called The Stockist in the 9th and 9th area of Salt Lake City. At first it reminded me of a boutique version of Urban Outfitters, but upon closer inspection I realized it was far from. They carry many brands I didn’t know, or had heard about one or twice before, but the collection is so well vetted that if UO hadn’t been around longer, I would have sworn they stole the idea from them. Items range from the Aēsop skin care collection to boots from H by Hudson to one person sleepers and two person tents from Poler. I actually purchased this deep red, tartan hooded poncho by Woolrich. It was super on sale, than when at checkout received another discount. CRAZY.IMGP2664

Within The Stockist is another shop called Iron & Resin. Yes, a shop within a shop; sort of like a Matryoshka nesting doll.  It says it didn’t open until February 1st, which means it wasn’t there when I visited. But it could have happened last year and I was just oblivious. Make sure to take a gander once you are inside. They plan to host special projects and collaborations currently only available in their Ventura and San Fran locales.IMGP2665

Next door is this dark, delicious man smelling shop called Zuriick. I mention its smell because when I walked in, that was the first thing I noticed. Its fragrance reminds me of what Idris Elba would smell like if he were a cologne – mysterious, suave, and virile. Stocked with an intentionally select assortment of items, each piece flows seamlessly with the next. In the back resides a barber shop called The Barber Shop where they provide haircuts and shaves, including straight razor.

Across the street and next to Tower Theatre is Cahoots. It’s like a one stop shop for gifts and random knickknacks such as greeting cards, gag gifts, books, Utah memorabilia, adult toys and much more. A lot of the available inventory you won’t even know you need, until you lay your eyes upon it.

I didn’t drop in while there, but theses are a few more places to checkout when in the neighborhood – Orchid DynastyLiberty Heights Fresh, and Tomorrow’s House. This website actually gives more information of places to curated places to visit based off neighborhoods.