Violent Lips  was co-founded by Isabella Haddad in 2011, while fooling around with her mother’s Chanel temporary tattoos, when just 15. Since then, Violent Lips has been featured in VOGUE Italia, Seventeen, WWD, and worn on the luscious lips of Lisa Rinna and many others. So, what does it mean to be a young, successful entrepreneur still behind the walls of high school? Haddad tells us just that.

Do you have a history in beauty or fashion?
I’ve always loved reading blogs and magazines because I get to look at new fashion trends and learn to beauty tips. That’s about it!

How did you come up with Violent Lips?
My mom brought home Chanel Temporary Tattoos. My Sister Sophia and I were playing in her makeup bag and decided to put the tattoos on our lips. We went to an event that night with them still on our lips and everyone went crazy. My dad, sister, and I looked at each other and … LIGHT BULB! There it was.


Is it something you came up with at home?
Yes! We came up with our first patterns, packaging, application, etc. in our house.

You’re only 16 [at time of interview, Haddad was 16. Now she is 17]. How do you juggle life as a teen and entrepreneur?
I have gotten used to balancing my two different lives over the years. I just try to stay as organized as I can be to make sure that I still have time being 16. Also, it isn’t like Violent Lips is a boring job. I always look forward to working ????

Do you still have time to be young?
Yes! Even though I have had to sacrifice a few school dances and parties, I always try to balance out my work life and teenage life. I do this by reminding myself that I am only 16 and that I need a break from work sometimes to just go to the movies with my girlfriends.

Right now you have lip and eye appliques, do you plan on extending the line?
Yes we do plan on extending the line in the future! I guess you’ll have to wait and see ????


Are there any collaborations with other brands, shows during fashion week or celebrities in the works?
We’ve had the honor to work with brands like Guess and artists like David Guetta in the past. We’re definitely looking to do more collaborations in the future.

What 3 Spring beauty trends are you looking forward to seeing? 
We’re really into Glow in the dark, Silver Metallics and bold liner shapes for spring 2014.