From Russia to LA to working with Randy Jackson (yes, that Randy Jackson),  Grace Valerie is taking the US scene by storm. Already well known on the West Coast, it’s time to for the East to get a taste of what we’ve been missing. Earlier this week, I met up with Grace in her suite at the Gansevoort Park and chatted with her about fashion, her music and her love for New York!


Name: Grace Valerie
Nickname: Grace Valerie… (laughs) I don’t have nicknames
I live in: LA
I am from: Moscow, Russia
Favorite place to visit: I love New York. I’m always having the best time here. I love to travel, period. But my favorite places are New York, London, and I would say Rome.
Describe your music in five words: Fun, Dance-y, Sexy, Sassy, (laughs) Great!
Who is your music icon: Beyoncé!
What’s your guilty pleasure? Chocolate… all the sweets!

If you could collaborate with anyone right now who would it be… besides Beyoncé?

Chris Brown


Yeah… I enjoy his music.

What items can you not live without. Like if I were to open you bag right now, what would I find?

Powder, a lot of lipsticks – different colors, my phone… I can’t live without it. I would I get lost without it. And that’s probably about it

Tell me about your personal style.

I Love to where to where different clothes and different styles all the time. I don’t think I have one certain style I tell you right now, but I love lots of girl things. I love dresses, casual everyday clothes. It all depends on where I go.

Favorite designers?

Dolce and Gabbana, I love BCBG… he always does great, great stuff. I love Giuseppe Zanotti for shoes.

How did you get linked up with Randy Jackson?

When I came to Los Angeles, I worked with a Russian management and they introduced me to Randy. And working with him is great because he’s so talented and fun. He’s just so positive.

As your big into fashion, if you could have anyone design your tour collection, who would it be?

Valentino. I know he’s retired, but maybe he’ll change his mind and he’ll work with me.

I know promo tours can be very stressful, what do you do when you get down time?

It depends. When in New York, I can’t sleep. I sleep for a few hours, but I can’t just sit in my hotel room!  So I love to explore the city, go shopping, restaurants. I just love to be on the go.

What’s been your favorite in New York?

Well, night clubs, I really love 1-OAK. They play the kind of music I like. And for restaurants, downstairs is so good. Asellina has such good Italian food.


Don’t Wanna Be Waiting is currently available on iTunes.