Last week, we gave you a course on lashes thanks to Marni Burton and KISS products. Today, we spilling some knowledge on nails thanks to celebrity manicurist Gina Edwards and KISS products. We’ve actually featured some of Gina’s work in the past from backstage at fashion week, where we only discussed the nail theme of the show. Now that there was structure to stick to, we were able to get the dish on imPRESS Manicure.

imPRESS Manicure are not like your typical press-ons you used growing up. They are far more advance, reliable, and look so real, only a professional would know the difference. With everything on the market, and the overuse of buzzwords, here is what you need to know about imPRESS:

  • “imPRESS will not damage your natural nail so you really do not have to do anything besides your regular nail routine in between applications.”
  • Each imPRESS Manicure includes 24 nails in 12 sizes – each nail labeled with a number so you know which size fits which nail. The easiest way to do this is to place an imPRESS nail on each finger before peeling off the backing. Select the sizes and then line them up in front of you and start applying. Thumbs last!
  • “To remove, gently peel off from the sides or apply polish remover around edges, wait 1 minute then peel off.”
  • If you are having nail maladies [like I was having at the time] do not use the set until completely clear. It’s important to keep your nail dry, and allow it to breath when going through certain treatments. For me, one of my nails was lifting from the nail bed. Gina took on glance and said, “clip it short, order this online, and let it breathe.” It’s healed so much since that I would trust anything she says from now on.


Illustrations created specifically for KISS Products, Inc. by New York City based Fashion Illustrator Deanna First