Tiberius, to me, meant nothing until MQ Vienna Fashion Week. Honestly, I couldn’t even spell it correctly when I told others about the collection via email. But to Vienna, Tiberius, has always meant something.

There’s a certain sense of pride in Austria when it comes to supporting and maintaining the beauty of their country, their people and things close to them. It’s the same something that resonated in many of the other places I visited as well. For them, it came naturally, for me, it was strange as we seem to be surrounded, more and more, with cultural indifference. That’s why when the guests swarmed in like cattle being released for feeding, I knew there was something special about Tiberius.

130911_Schiffl4961This Spring/Summer 2014 began with an opaque black gown that looked to be comprised of crepe de chine or tulle. The model was a porcelain skinned, redhead proudly holding a white flag. Symbolic? I don’t know. Breathtaking? No doubt about it. Though each model greatly different in outfit, and need I say, swagger, they were all accessories with a bicorn (or cocked hat) slightly askew.130911_Schiffl5023

His collection, representative of his signature style, overflowed with leathers, and latex, but also included deep V-cuts, wraps, and luxurious gown silhouettes. There was movement and stiffness. There was classic staples and over the one-offs. There was menswear and womenswear. It was a seasonless collection of pieces perfect for any time of day, and every occasion.

I’m not saying it’s the perfect collection, but the ideals behind what makes it marketable, definitely are spot on.