MIYU (pronounced mee-you) Beauty  launches in North America this August. A lifestyle beauty brand focuses on specific lifestyle concerns by pairing tea with skincare, ultimately nourishing you inside and out.

Founded by Canada native, Connie Tai moved to New York to follow her love of the beauty industry, helped develop some of Bliss Spa’s most famous products like FatGirlSleep & FatGirlScrub but sadly her hectic lifestyle soon caught up with her. “I was developing sensitivities and nothing seemed to calm them,” said Connie.


Taking what she knew, Tai came up with a simple line of treatments suitable for all complexions, consisting of four products with fragrances reminiscent of a spa day. And with each flavor pairing designed to deal specific issues and serve as a boost to your existing beauty ritual. There’s no reason to rid your vanity of your current skin care collection.

And because  MIYU  was developed with all skin types in mind, its leaves out parabens, phthalates, sulphates, synthetic dyes and synthetic fragrances – you… the things that cause irritation for the sensitive types.

Though not available just yet, watch her teaser every day until it’s available near you. Or patiently wait like the rest of us.