IMG_3217editMaison Close, a French lingerie brand that has locations in over 25 other countries, has finally decided to grace the U-S of A with its presence. And just when you thought the mean streets of New York had reached its peak of sexiness, a new place opens its doors in the most vibrant part of the city!

“Between a boudoir and a private salon, in a preciously-decorated setting, the Maison Closeboutique will be an exceptional display for our twelve collections, from Villa Satine, La Cavalière, to Hôtel Diva or Villa Bel Ami, the latest one, all presented in their integrality for the first time”, said Maison Close founder and designer, Nicolas Busnel.

The boutique will hold exclusive events, the new “Privée” collection launching in 2016, made-to-measure pieces available upon request PLUS it can be used for private events to offer special shopping experiences. But it doesn’t end there, because why would it? There will be sample sales that showcase never before seen gems, exclusive to the New York Flagship! It’s like if there was a middle ground between haute couture et prêt-à-porter… that’s where Maison Close would lay seductively.

And for all those people complaining,”Why do we need more bustiers and panties?” Let me tell you something! You all may have been satisfied with what we have been force fed as lingerie, let alone “sexy”, but I haven’t been satisfied for years. Many days, I spend hours researching companies abroad that will ship brasseries to the states, because what the market continues to show me is that we as Americans like cheap crap. And sometimes we do. But other times, we want to shop for items that haven’t been chucked in a discount bin, and previously tried on by some fast pre-teen who thinks padded polka dots is “hot”. (To be honest. I don’t want to shop anywhere a pre-teen would also shop.) Because, well, I’m almost 30 and deserve better! No, that’s not the entitled millennial in me talking, that’s the adult in me that understands how diseases are contracted.

Anyway, back to MC. Maison Close is now open and situated on the corner of Grand and Thompson at 32 Grand Street from 11am-7pm, Monday to Saturday and 12pm-6pm, Sunday.