November 8th was not the triumphant win we expected, or wanted. The house, senate, and presidency are republican which means lots, and lots, of potential changes. (Quick factoid – the last time all three branches were republican was 1929. The same year the Great Depression began.) Changes that will effect you, me, your neighbors, the woman standing next you annoyingly texting out loud in Starbucks, the little girl wearing her hijab on the subway, the single parent working three jobs to ensure their family has food in their mouth, a roof over their head, and close on their back. Everyone will be affected, so wipe those tears and let’s organize.

I’ll be updating this list as much as possible, so please message me via email or Facebook to let me know about your organization. I’ll also be posting places that want to hear from the marginalized community – Muslims, women and men of color, women, the disabled, children of color, LGBTQ people, indigenous people… everyone that identifies as a marginalized community. Your voices NEED to be heard.

— “More than ever, we need writers to tell stories about being Muslim in America right now. — [Nov 10 2016 via twitter] (Don’t know if rates still apply. Old rates for Life $200 for listicle, $250 for essay) Email essay ideas to: Ahmed Ali Akbar | | twitter: @radbrowndads

— “ Reporters: I assign well-funded long features that reach LOTS of ppl. I just need a food/resto hook, even a tiny one. Let me help you fight. If your story isn’t right for my publication but it’s a story that needs to be reported & told, I will help you find it a home.” — [Nov 9 2016 via twitter] (Don’t know if rates still apply. Old rates for Life $200 for listicle, $250 for essay) Email Executive Editor: Helen Rosner | | twitter: @hels

New York Magazine
The Cut
— “I’d love to work on a few more election-related personal essays for NY Mag’s, The Cut, pieces that explore specific anxieties or uncertainties about immigration, health care, xenophobia, reproductive rights, climate change, etc. If you have a personal story or angle about how this election may change your life and what you plan to do about it or want others to do about it, please pitch me” — [Nov 9 2016 via Essayist Binder] Pay unknown Email: Kim Brooks | | Facebook: @kabrooks78

Pacific Standard
— “ Now more than ever, any WoC who want to pitch @pacstand should email me. Let’s report on real America, even if it hurts.” — [Nov 9 2016 via twitter] Email ideas to: Beejoli Shah | email unknown | other email: | twitter: @beejoli 

Teen Vogue
— “ If you want to write for Teen Vogue, now more than ever, I’m looking for stories that break the mold. Please reach out.” — [Nov 9 2016 via twitter] Pay unknown Email ideas to: Ella Cerón | twitter: @ellaceron

It’s Tillie!
— I’m looking for your personal essays, stories about your travels with original photos featuring you in your hijab soaking up the sun or sporting those Poetic Justice box braids in Morocco, stories of you reconnecting with the art scene of your native tribe, stories of you celebrating Diwali and the significance of your sari, stories of day of the dead with your Abuela, stories of your enjoying your first PRIDE… I want you to tell your story; whatever that story may be. All ages and globally. This is unpaid, but I want to supply a platform where women of color can let the world hear their voices and acknowledge, I AM YOU. Email ideas to: with the subject line: Love Trumps Hate.

Here’s a list of organizations that need us now, more than ever:

From Katy Otto (thank you, Mich!)

screen-shot-2016-11-10-at-10-39-17-amRunning for office… you can – She Should Run.


Rights are meant to be equal for everyone – Amnesty International (thanks, Amanda!)

Race, matters – Color of Change (thanks, Jess!)


Please reach out ( to add more organizations to the list as well as share it with those who would like to take a stand.


A special thank you to the BINDER for creating the main current bones of the publication list. (11.10.16)