1. OUTDOOR VOICES 3/4 Two-Tone Warmup Leggings
I don’t know much about OV but I think they are from Tejas, which means they are already 10 times cooler than any other hipster brand on the market. (I’m from Texas, hence the love.) These Two-Tone Warmup Leggings remind me of some early 90s patchwork throwback, but seamless. Besides style they offer comfort and sculpting compression that alludes to a svelte silhouette as you work on achieving that svelte silhouette. Genius!

2. SLIM ME BY MEMOI High Waisted Legging Shaper
Many are opting out of training sans waist cinchers, but still want that cinching feeling. The High Waisted Legging Shaper shapes from waist to ankles, so can be worn under maxis, palazzos, lounge pants, or as workout leggings. Go for the black if wearing it solo due to the lack of transparency and don’t worry about not being able to breathe. It allows enough stretch to hold you in and breathe comfortably.

3. LOLË Salutation Leggings
Not all inseams were created equal. Even when marked petite, regular, or tall, sometimes they bunch up in weird areas or are still too short. These leggings come with three pre-finished hems so you can snip your way to the perfect fit. Made of organic cotton, Lyocell Tencel™ and elastane let the four-way stretch, moisture-wicking technology let you get the most out of every salutation.

4. NIKE Legend 2.0 Tight-Fit Performance Pants
These are not your stereotypical spandex-y, cant-wear-my-ring-around-it-because-of-snagging-leggings. These are those breathable, yet tight-fitting Nike pants that they finally returned to the market. For some reason it was gone for a while and the only way you could get their Dri-FIT and moisture-wicking tech was with spandex/nylon, and now it’s in cotton. Word to the wise. As it is cotton, and cotton becomes sheer-ish when stretched don’t size down. Get your true size or stick to the gloss finish option. Showing off your panties is never cute.

5. KORAL ACTIVEWEAR Trigger Capri Leggings
Have you ever wanted to take a dip with leggings? Many people who do group water aerobics or cycling don’t feel confidant enough to wear swimsuits, which can be the breaker in whether or not they actually workout. These leggings are chlorine resistant, quick dry, and made up of infinity fabric. This is just one of their many styles and prints, so it’s easy to take it from pool to street to casual meetings.

6. BELLY BANDIT Mother Tucker Leggings
No this didn’t make the list twice. People always forget about Mums! Baby bumps don’t magically disappear immediately after giving birth. It takes time and effort. But there are ways to push that effort along even when working out. Mother Tucker Compression Leggings by Belly Bandit is the surgery free way to to smooth that post-preggers tummy. It has 360 degree compression, is seamless, plus holds shape after several washings.

7. FABLETICS Austin Legging
Kate Hudson started this new fitness apparel subscription program that churns out trendy pieces for you based off your style personality. How do they figure it out? You take a quiz of course. But you can also shop outside the quiz because they may have missed styles that you absolutely adore, like this dark grey and purple contrast side panel capri. I actually found it by accident because, well, I don’t know how to be honest. But it was obviously meant to be.

8. JUST LIVE Point Break Leggings
Surfs up! I can’t surf but if I did, that person on the bottom would totally be me. Just Live is this very interesting brand that created their own fabric blend due to the market lacking fabrics that were up to par.  Their YOLON™ blend is fade proof, odor resistant, designed to provide superior workout-enhancing compression and also stands for “You Only Live Once”.  “YOLON” shouldn’t be confused with Drake’s “YOLO”which resulted in idiots justifying doing even more stupid things. Just Live defines themselves as “a company of individuals driven by an unquenchable zeal for perfecting active living.”

9. DANSKIN Spring Fling Floral Body Fit Legging
Apparently it’s a sin to have never owned a pair of Danskin’s. A friend told me about this exact pair and how whenever she looks in the mirror she just wants to “Danskin somebody. She wants to feel the heat with somebody”. (It’s a Whitney reference for those born in the horrible music era.) They’re light, let her move, but most importantly she can wear them to the park with a tunic cami and sneaks and no one be the wiser. I guess I need to get me a few for my closet.