Creative_20130625_Uniqlo_13_0223_02_JPEGUNIQLO expands LifeWear concept by adding quality silk and cashmere pieces to their retail and online market. The collection will include affordable and everyday items for both women and men. And what better way to campaign this launch than featuring  some of the industry’s coolest “underground” kids – British model Lily Donaldson, artist Jeremy Everett, American photographer Ryan McGinley and Chloë Sevigney. (She doesn’t need a title anymore. She sort of lives to the beat of her own drum, no matter how off).

Visually Directed by Purple Editor-in-chief, Olivier Zahm, he presented UNIQLO’s LifeWear concept campaign by demonstrating the richness and style versatility of silk and cashmere. Utilizing the innate unique of his model muses, he contrasts the masculinity and femininity of the fabrics in the ensemble choices, through domestic and natural shot accents. Ultimately, raising the UNIQLO bar of fashion sophistication.

With women’s silk items will being available in 18 different styles and 90 colors and patterns starting at $19.90, and men and women cashmere options in 42 styles and approximately 330 colors and patterns from $89.90, there will never be a dull, winter wardrobe moment. Plus to ensure the highest quality over quantity mantra, UNIQLO will use 6A and 5A grade silk from China in key shirts and dresses. Which basically means, on the Chinese silk scale ranging from 3A to 6A, customers will be receiving some of the best quality material available.