What if you were able to customize your daily coffee from a few taps on your smart device? Now let’s take it a step further, what if by the time you put your slippers on, your morning joe was brewed and ready to enjoy? That dream, is now reality. Before we continue, wipe that drool trickling down the side of your mouth, it’s not becoming.

Scanomat, the Danish brand behind the first ever fully automatic cappuccino machine, has stuck with their guts and continuously produced items that not only appease the need of the current consumer, but thinks ahead to appease their future needs as well. Like they did with TopBrewer – a patented stainless steel tap designed to fit and table top.TopBrewer-Control-iPhone1But it’s not just some table top faucet décor, that’s what Kohler is for, it’s actually an at-home or office barista that brews your perfect cup of coffee, with fresh ground coffee beans, every time. Order an Americana with less water. Or a cappuccino with more foam. Or a single shot of espresso for a fast acting boost. The TopBrewer can do all of this, and so much more with just a few taps from your smart device. Which is the coolest part about the entire idea. You can customize and save specifications for yourself or your entire team. TopBrewer8

TopBrewer is a low energy usage, eco-friendly, power saving, self-cleaning coffee brewing mastermind. And this isn’t me knocking other brands, but at the end of it all, it’s different strokes for different folks. But you can’t deny the ingenious behind it all.

Please visit them online for more information about TopBrewer.