SM-N910_Frost-White_Combination-Pen_018I used to have iPhone envy. Between the ability to FaceTime, download apps from iTunes and do everything those cool people did in the commercials, I just knew this had to be the Holy Grail of phones. When I finally bit the bullet to upgrade to an iPhone, I came across an article on the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and its hyped release. As soon as the Note 3 dropped in October 2013, I bought one and it’s been a dream ever since. I know that sounds dramatic but this phone exemplifies the greatness of an Android. So imagine how excited I was to hear about the Note 4.

When something isn’t broken, you don’t fix it. Fine. But little tweaks here and there are what keep the item fresh and Samsung has done that. The large screen is great for those that need multiple applications open at once. If you’re like me, you use your phone to do work on the go (or sly when you’re meant to be listening to a speech) and having the ability to pin an app or three is valuable. Another great update is to the S Pen. The handwriting feature has been fine-tuned a bit to handle some of that lag; it’s nothing major but for those of us that use S Pen features regularly, it was a little annoyance that’s been corrected.

Let’s say you don’t care about using your Note 4 for anything other than playing games and taking pictures…you’re covered. The camera is amazing. I’m the worst at taking selfies, nay pictures in general, and one of the best photos I’ve ever taken was with the Note 4 Camera.  And for those who live for playing games on the go, the long battery life will you flipping through back and forth from game to text with draining your phone.

I still occasionally get iPhone envy but when I see how Apple is moving towards features that Samsung has perfected for years, I realize that envy is for the birds.

Written by Angela E.