Call me shallow, but everyone purchases accessories based on style factor. That’s why this Lady Tech Tuesday is all about Mujjo – a Dutch mobile accessories brand founded by Tom Canters and Remy and Robin Nagelmaeker in 2011. Starting out with hand stitched touchscreen gloves, Mujjo quickly expanded to feature multipurpose pieces for Android and Apple comprised of a sleek, soft wool felt and leather combination. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the white iPad sleeve as well as the Fisheye Lens.

Honestly, I don’t have an iPad, but I do have a Samsung Galaxy 10.2 Tab. It’s slightly larger than an iPad, but it fit. It was more snug than a baby in an onesie, but not so tight that I wasn’t able to pull it without damage the tablet. Previously, I owned a purple, crocheted sleeve from Benetton, which I used only because it was a cute travel accessory. And since Mujjo is both slim lined and fashion forward, it’s easy to pack in a tote, book bag or carry-on, especially while traveling.

As for the Fisheye Pro Lens, well, it’s a cool concept. With how often we Instagram everything from celebs sitting front row during fashion week, to fashion no-nos see traipsing down the streets, we’re always looking for a new way to make it look more “artistically” aesthetic. The lens captures a larger surface area and provides a rounder shape creating panoramic-esque photos, sans the rectangular shape allowing it to fit perfectly in the Instagram square. Though, I love it so much I have only one gripe. It’s so small it may seem anal retentive, but where do I put it when it’s not in use? The last thing I need are more trinkets getting lost in my handbag, and though it has a hoop to hang places, the lens itself has fallen off quite a few times. There is magnetic aspect to it staying on the phone and hoop string while not in use, it seems that a better concept could be illustrated to correct the issue.

Overall feeling? I would recommend everyone to buy Mujjo. True to Dutch style, it’s pleasing to the eye, minimal in design and such high quality, it would outlast many of the more expensive, on-trend fads we follow.

Mujjo products are currently available through their online store. For more information about the brand, visit the site.