Out will the old, and in with new. According to research by LELO, since the much talked about novel 50 Shades of Grey ship has sailed, or at least until the film releases, couples are more interested in “longer-term investments” in the intimacy department. The survey has even coined the revolution as “Vanilla Revolution”, which may sound bland and boring, but their recent launch of IDA buries those theories.

Created with SenseMotion technology, IDA is the couples’ massager that performs like a “Wii in the bedroom”. Designed with the capabilities to pleasures both the man and woman simultaneously, its remote allows for control of various vibrations and rotations without sexual disruption. Which not only adds extra sensations of arousal, but they’ll be no bickering of one being more selfish in bed.

“What is fascinating from this data is that customers are making longer-term investments that bring more regular pleasure to both partners. Roles of submission and domination have gone through a “Vanilla Revolution”, to focus less on bondage and novelty, but rather on premium products that can be shared regularly, to enhance our daily sex lives,” says Steve Thomson, LELO’s Global Marketing Director.

But don’t let the talk of data kill your sexual vibe. Try it out and let us know what you think. Actually, no, let LELO know what you think by taking what will be the largest sex survey recorded. Information will be kept anonymous (I feel like I shouldn’t have to say that because it’s 2014, but just as a precursor to you Apprehensive Annie’s’). plus you’ll end with a 20% off code for your next purchase.