Last week, B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN previewed a few of their summer launches, including two new headphones available this July.  It’s consumer? The Urban Creative Professional market. The same person who understands their accessories need to be as fresh as their outfit. The person who knows that a musician coming out with headphones doesn’t necessarily equate sound quality. The same consumer who prefers versatile items that can be worn running as well as on a work commute. That’s why B&O Play by BANG & OLUFSEN remains a top manufacturer in electronic devices today.


Starting with the New Zealand cow leather, available in natural or black, these headphones were constructed to emulate the exact sound of how the musician intended it to sound – never leaving your ears throbbing from excessive bass or you raising the volume to an unforeseen level because you can’t here the vocals. With a $399 price tag, the H6 has a passive noise canceling component, adjustable earsets, plus has ear pads made from sheep leather and memory foam as well as New Zealand cow leather headbands, ensuring a smooth, unmarked feel.


The BeoPlay H3 on the other hand is a superior in-ear headphone when compared to similar accouterments on the market. Designed with 26 holes, the H3 will not change the acoustics sound as the volume is raised, because the holes allow for the sounds necessary transference of air. At $249, the H3 comes in red, black and silver with 4 interchangeable earbuds and reusable leather holster, for safekeeping.

“We have huge expectations for these premium headphones,” states Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc. “Our customers have been yearning for a quality alternative to the headphones that are on the market today. With H6 and H3’s arrival, we will now offer a premium headphone that delivers a best in class audio experience and authentic design that we know will resonate with our brand enthusiasts and music lovers across the country.”

Both products are made from real aluminum – the same aluminum used in BMWs production and will be available July 2013 at Bang & Olufsen online and in-stores, B&OPLAY online as well as Apple stores and online.