Bang-and-OlufsenIn our  Lady Tech post a couple of weeks back we talked about Bang & Olufsen creating evolutionary headsets for the urban creative professional. At this same preview we were made privy to their latest invention, The BeoLab 14 surround speaker system. Honestly, I have sensitive ears, so sound systems aren’t my highest priority, but there was something moving about the sound that came from these speakers. It was like we felt all the heartache Anne Hathaway endured in Les Misérables, or soaring through the sky with Robert Downey, Jr. inIronMan 2. I’m sure you’re thinking,”That’s why you go to movies, Tillie.” But theatres tend to be obnoxiously loud and you have no control of the sound adjustments.

Anyway, this week it’s about B&O again, but on a more grander scale. This year, B&O launched The BeoLab 14 surround speaker system. It’s basically the new way to project sound in a capacity that’s never heard or felt before. With its all-inclusive package and high-end surround sound performance, it’s available in a 4.1 or a 5.1 digital surround sound set up. Each set up contains up to six individual speakers holding their own amps in a compact, sleek design that demonstrates technological genius trumps size every time. As an added bonus, BeoLab 14 is not only exclusive to Bang & Olufsen televisions for the many consumers that own other TV brands.

“With its competitive price point, convenient set up, multiple placement options, hallmark design, and robust sound performance, we believe BeoLab 14 will resonate with many music lovers and style seekers who may not yet own a pair of world renowned Bang & Olufsen speakers,” states Zean Nielsen, President of Bang & Olufsen America, Inc.

The new BeoLab 14 system is available at Bang & Olufsen stores worldwide in June 2013 starting at $3995 (for 4.1 solution) and $4395 for the (5.1 solution).