481281180.289029861Mercedes-Benz Miami Swim may be over, but swimsuit season is still in full effect. And as much as we hate shopping for them, it is easier when you are equipped with the right tools to help find the best piece for you. Designer and Founder of LA born brand Belusso, Kirsten Ehrig-Sarkisian, has spilled the 411 on the biggest mistakes shoppers make when looking for the perfect swimsuits and how to ensure we look and feel our most beautiful whether on the beaches of St. Tropez or in the community pool in St. Paul.

  1. First and foremost, make sure you’re buying the correct size, regardless of what the tag says!  If you need to “size up” to a medium, focus on how much better you’ll look–and feel!–when you’re not worried about flashing some body part that really should be covered!
  2. Next, take into account your problem areas; for example, if you have curvy hips, maybe look for a style without tight strings tying at the hips.  You could look for a style like our “Moorea” bottom that has soft elastic around the waist and hips meant to sit flat on your body, not dig in.  Once you’ve identified your areas that need more thought and attention in choosing a suit, you’ll know where to focus your time and energy at the store.
  3. Another area that poses issues sometimes is the bust.  Make sure your bikini top sits snuggly and comfortably around your ribcage because, if it does not, it is a recipe for disaster!  A loose “underbust” means no support for breasts and bikini tops that ride up.
  4. Be mindful of whether or not you like a top that ties behind the neck.  Often this type of top becomes uncomfortable if worn for hours on end.  If you know you’ll be at a beach with nowhere to change, perhaps try a top that has a shoulder strap instead.  Or you could always have a coverup with you and loosen the neck ties!
  5. If you prefer a one-piece, choose one that matches up with your personal style…there’s nothing worse than feeling frumpy at the beach when you should be feeling fabulous!  If you’re a fashion trend-follower, then look for a maillot that has some style or fashion-forward colors, details, etc.
  6. Again, with one piece maillots, choose one with a built in ledge for support if you have a large bust.  Also, if you’re busty, a shoulder strap is probably a good idea…there are few, if any, strapless maillots that flatter a large bust!
  7. Look closely at all bikini and maillots tops to see if the pads are removable; there are small flaps or opening where you can slip out the cup!  Often times companies put cups in a suit for “hanger appeal” but they aren’t necessarily flattering on the body.  They may be just right for your body–in which case, keep ’em in!–but it’s better to have the knowledge and make the best choice for you.
  8. These days there’s no “correct” leg opening to look for.  Some brands are still focusing on the Seventies, hipster look, while others are moving towards an 80’s high leg.  The general rule is, if you have short legs, opt for a high, curved leg like the one on our “Sirocco” one piece, but if your legs are long, see if you prefer a straight boyish cut.
  9. When trying on an underwire bikini top look at whether the wire fits well under your breast.  It should not pinch or bind the breast but surround it and support it.  If it presses somewhere, try one size up.
  10. And perhaps my best piece of advice is to look for a coordinating cover-up!  Confidence is always stylish and knowing I have a chic way of hiding my less-than-perfect spots makes me walk tall!