SHOT_18_024-1With technology basically living our lives for us, it seems undeniable that more avenues would benefit from bringing together synonymous accompaniments and house them under one roof – like wellness and fitness. Being coined one the fastest growing trillion dollar industries, how is that if one wants to meditate, receive life coaching, workout at home, we are left traveling to three different places. And let us not ignore that we must do the research on how well versed these places and their teachers are. But if I wanted to shop 100 different brands and ship them gift-wrapped to different individuals with one checkout, it’s possible. Since the launch of Mission 360, nary again will you need to leave your home or your most Zen space for sessions of wellness grounding.

Officially launched to the public March 31st, Mission 360 has brought fitness and wellness, on a global magnitude, on-demand. Founded by Erin Sykes, this online platform was initiated to develop and strengthen an online health community. “We feel lost when our mind, body and spirit are disconnected. Growth is most effective on the whole, the 360. Thus, my mission to bring a curated selection of the best teachers, classes, and coaches was born,” says Sykes.

Just to be clear here. This isn’t just a grouping of workout videos and some guest spots from on-trends experts. Mission 360 brings live intuitive guides, reiki healers, nutritionists, and pre-recorded meditation and fitness videos, available whenever pleases you, to you. I actually had a session with Intuitive Guide, Debra Relly and Reiki Healer, Aimee Bello. It wasn’t that I was skeptic at first, but am cautious of what one can truly achieve via the web. Yet, both these women brought out a side of me that had been repressed or deliberately ignored for years. A side that ultimately will change my life forever. It was like a spiritual awakening to reality – both mine and the world around me.

So how do you get started? Well, Mission 360 is membership based providing unlimited fitness and meditation videos along with access to à la carte priced coaching sessions. You can even add on specific videos for 72 hours for an additional $5.00. If you think your daily trip to the gym is all you need for a full body workout, remember your body may be tight, but it’s useless if you’re not internally alright.