ISH Contour Kit is the new more natural way to contour and highlight. An acronym for#IMSMOKINGHOT, this four product palette will have you beat from day to night to day again. And this isn’t some beauty gimmick or fad; this ish is the real deal. A couple of weeks back we met with FabFitFun Beauty Advisor and celebrity makeup artist, Joey Maalouf, where he demonstrated how to apply. The next day, I recreated the same look adding some mascara and eyeliner. (Both examples below.) Application didn’t take up to 10 minutes and the looks lasted all day. I sealed in my look with a mattifying setting spray just because I get super oily.

Recently, Joey gave us the rundown on how you can transform this 4-Step day look into night.Screen-Shot-2016-03-26-at-3.51.19-PM


  1. CONTOUR SHADE: Using ISH’s angled contour brush, contour the cheek bones, starting in the hairline towards the ear. Using the same contour brush, contour the temples, focusing on the side of the forehead to the side of the brow. Next, contour the jawline, mirroring the contour line you created on the cheek bone. Blend down the neck for a natural, subtle effect.
  1. HIGHLIGHTER: Using the ISH highlighter brush, apply highlighter down the bridge of the nose. Also highlight the top of the cheek bones and brow bones.
  1. BRONZER: Using ISH’s bronzer brush, apply sheer bronzer to fill in the gap between the contour shade and highlighter on the cheeks, softening the edges. Also dust bronzer across the forehead, the tip of the nose, and chin.
  1. BLUSH: Using the ISH blush brush, hit the apples of the cheeks to complete the natural, daytime look.

SULTRY NIGHTTIME LOOK – Now transform the above day look into a look perfect for night.

  1. CONTOUR SHADE: Using a large, fluffy eyeshadow brush, use the ISH contour shade to accentuate the eye’s crease. Next, using an angled eyeshadow brush, apply the contour color to shade the bottom lash line, 3/4 of the way in starting from the outside corner of the eye.
  1. HIGHLIGHTER: Using a clean, fluffy eyeshadow brush, highlight the inside corners of the eye. Also highlight the brow bones to accentuate the eyebrows, and use the same highlighter down the bridge of the nose.
  1. BLUSH: Using the ISH blush brush, accentuate the apples of the cheeks, blending upward into the highlighter’s shimmer.
  1. BRONZER:  Using your finger, pat the sheer bronzer over the entire eyelid for a subtle, bronze smokey eye.
  1. Finish the look with a beautiful, plumy lipstick

The ISH Contour Kit comes in two palettes – Light/Medium and Medium/Dark – consisting of  a highlighter, matte blush, bronzer, and matte contour shade is currently available online for $32. The accompanying brushes start at $18 or purchased as trio for $55. If you need more convincing, which you shouldn’t, follow the hashtag #IMSMOKINGHOT on Instagram to discover everyday ISH looks. Trust, you will be blown away!