Your brand has a very unique and rare concept, tell us what it is.

Indeed we feel that our model most closely resembles Paul Newman’s brands in that FETCH was created solely to support a charity and that 100% of profits are donated. While many retailers today donate “one for one” or a percentage of profits to various causes, this rarely if ever amounts to a substantial gift in lieu of personal material gain.

It’s interesting that what you are doing, many people can actually do as well but don’t. They disguise many of their givebacks as a marketing tool for their brand and less about the project. Did you ever experience that when giving back in the past, or did you stay away from things of that nature and stick to things with more transparency?
It is very difficult to say whether or not the consumer will observe FETCH and demand more detail/facts about other companies, which use philanthropy as part of their branding. We certainly hope that FETCH will inspire others to create businesses, which can support, absent the generosity of others, those in need.

Why the Pixie Project?
FETCH exists to support animal welfare and it will do so in perpetuity. The Pixie Project was founded by myself, my husband Robert Sacks, and our daughter Amy Sacks. Our son David is also on the board. We established the rescue and adoption portion of the project in 2006.The veterinary clinic was established last year and serves the elderly, low-income families, and the homeless population.Compiled_masa_two

The Pixie clinic allows pets with loving but financially challenged owners to stay together in comfort and companionship. The impact of this program is not only huge for pets but also for people.  Our daughter Amy was the driving force in establishing The Pixie Project and she is known throughout the world of rescue for her focus on successful matches, which elevate the appeal of adoption. Thus far The Pixie project had placed….pets and each week …pets receive medical care which allows them to live out their lives with the security of a great home and good health. In addition, the pixie project takes special care to place special needs and elderly animals with loving homes.

With a company like FETCH and its transparency, do you think the consumer will now expect more from others?
Is this frustrating for us? The fact that the comparison between FETCH and, for example, our biggest competitor who boasts “one for one”) is difficult for our customers to understand and appreciate?

Yes, it can be frustrating. And it is going to take a great deal of effective communication and time to differentiate. However, that is why we so appreciate that you have asked us to clarify this and that you have been so direct in your questions.

Now to the design. Will there be new collections every season, or will there be staples that stay and adding on from there?
New collections will be rolling in constantly!

Is there an environmental or sustainable aspect to Fetch?
With regard to the environmental aspects of FETCH, all of our frames are vegan!  I want to specifically point to our sustainable and stunning bamboo series called “MASA”. (pictured below)

Fetch not being your bread and butter, what is your main trade?
My DNA – I am the founder of An Sacks Tile – is designing and executing products and FETCH will certainly benefit from that experience. I am currently retired from the company that I founded but my new company, Design and Direct Source, creates tile and stone products for commercial projects throughout the world with an example being the tile used to restore the TWA, now Virgin Air, terminal at JFK airport. This national historic treasure is now open and we can proudly say that the “new” tiles are indistinguishable from the originals!

Is there anything about FETCH, Pixie, or yourself that many don’t know but you’d like for them to know?
What we would like people to know about FETCH is that the warranty – lifetime for frames – and design are world class. That the consumer not only receives glasses whose quality can be backed by this type warranty but also at a price that is often a fraction of a comparable product which carries a famous fashion designer’s name!

And finally, FETCH is delivering prescription eyewear with a free try at home program, free returns and exchanges and coming this Fall our new bricks and mortar location at NW 23rd Avenue in Portland, Oregon.