Crocs opens Flagship store in New York’s bustling 34th street to which Vanessa Lachey kicked things off by cutting the opening ceremony ribbon. And in true Crocs style, Vanessa was comfortably styled in her stucco Crocs cap toe flats as we talked Crocs, Mother’s Day and her personal style.

So, why Crocs?
Why not? (laughs) Well I have a one and half year-old, and this is the easy go to shoe with him. I was first introduced to them when we went to Cabo for New Years’. I was like, “I need a shoe for my son when we go on vacation,” but what I didn’t realize was that it’s not just a vacation shoe.  He can wear them in the city. He can wear them to go to classes. So for me, I love the versatility. It’s very practical. It’s easy to clean, put on, take off. And I love that they have all these fun colors and buttons that he can start expressing his personality because he’s starting to get there. He’s like, “I wanna wear this.”

Crocs is all about find your fun, what do you like to do for fun?
Fun, for me… It’s so funny you ask me that because as a mom, it truly has been redefined. I love family moments. I’m busy. Nick’s busy. And for the three of us to get together with absolutely no agenda is super fun. Whether it’s snuggling in bed, or having a tickle fight in the park. It’s these moments you literally want to take a visual snapshot to remember forever.

Mother’s day recently passed, what did you do?
On Mother’s Day, we walked from 72nd street all the way up to 100th street and for me it felt like that (snaps finger). I was with the stroller. It was Sunday, as you know it was 80 degrees… it was beautiful. And it was so fun. I kept saying to Nick, “This is the perfect day! This is the perfect day! This is the perfect day!”

Describe your style.
I like layering and versatility because I have to go from day to night, and be mommy and be wifey and be girlfriend to my girlfriends. So for me it about finding pieces that I can be versatile with layering, because I feel like I’ll be breaking a sweat one minute and freezing the next.