We’re sure many of you have heard of The Glam App. It’s like the Uber of of hair and makeup. Shortly after it’s launch, and a little before, many others began to pop-up but few grasped the concept and innovation like The Glam App did. It could be thanks to its CEO, Actress Cara Santana who understands the importance of needing to look your best, even when you don’t have time (or really want) to hit the salon.

During Sundance, the application was on-site at Vida Tequila WhoWhatWear pop-up lounge as well as at the BMF lounge for anyone to experience the magic and brilliance that is The Glam App. Recently, Cara gave us the low down on the most popular service, how they hire the best, and the why most people use the app.

Vida Tequila

Vida Tequila

Vida Tequila

How long has the app been in use in Salt Lake City?
The Glam App was launched December 4th in Salt Lake City.

How was the turnout during Sundance?
Fantastic. Everyone be it the local community or the visiting tourists responded well to the on demand, luxury experience we provide.

What did you find to be most requested styles in terms of hair and makeup?
Nails! People love to get their nails done!

Why do you think they were the most popular?
You can always pull your hair back, or cover your tired eyes with sunglasses but everyone sees your hands and there is no quick fix.

From all the cities you are currently in, what sort of events do you find your clients doing app requests for? (ie. wedding, galas, prom, date night)
We certainly have a very high level clientele: actresses, models, entertainment execs so there are a lot of high profile events being attended, as well as everyday beauty needs. We also have a lot of brides and young girls going to formal, etc. We really cover it all.

How do you vet your GLAM team so you can ensure they are the best?
Joey Maalouf and I have a team that hand selects our artists, review their portfolio and validate their licenses and insurance to make sure they are The Glam App standard.

Will there be any new collabos or launches with fashion knocking on our door?
Stay tuned… Anything is possible.