Earlier today, street style photographer Bill Cunningham passed away. I don’t really know what to say… I feel all the words to describe what he left behind, his creations, his memory, him in general – can’t be put into words.

I first heard of him from a former employer who always spoke highly of Mr. Cunningham. Due to my position, I was riddled with tales of who he truly was. They languished on his talents and works with honesty and admiration, never bordering on a celebrity-esque obsession. It was then that I was taught decipherables of fashion industry “makers and fakers.” He, unquestionably, was a “Maker”.

So in a small attempt to honor and pay respects to a man who will be forever missed, I write this little poem.


Dearest Bill C.,
Such a tragedy,
The world loses,
Such a memory.

Your iconic blue jacket,
Seen biking through NY traffic,
For the most perfect fashion shot,
Eyes so keen you never zoom past it.

Dearest Bill C.,
Such a tragedy,
How quickly the industry changed,
From Fashion Week to NYT.

Putting your foot down,
Never being pushed around,
Very few remain like you,
No need to wear a crown.

Dearest Bill C.,
It’s time we let you be,
Like the others who paved ways,
We pray you R-I-P.




To enjoy his works, please visit  The New York Times.