On November 3, 2017, my life completely changed. Yes, it was the day a dear friend said, “I do,” to her partner-in-crime. And yes, it is the day I realized the beauty in boho dresses. But it also shares the day that I officially learned to put on false lashes.

So, I’ve always wanted to wear falsies, but the technique seemed unmasterable. There’s a video posted a year back of me struggling to plop two strips on my eyes, and at the end I took it as my fate that I’d have to either use a special growth serum or shell out hundreds of dollars to procure such volume and length. I chose neither. I continued to rock my natural lashes, and decided to get a professionally applied set for Caroline’s wedding.

I arrived for my appointment the week before the nuptials, snored my way through the installation, and woke up to Elizabeth Taylor eyes. Throughout the day my lashes were shedding more than usual and called the salon to figure out why. The following Tuesday (week of the wedding), I was snoring myself through another install. By Thursday, literally, half of the lashes from one eye was completely gone. GONE. Not. There. Anywhere but on my lashbed, gone. And it was then that I had no choice but to master this skill.

Thursday night, I spent over an hour watching YouTube videos, videos on Sephora, pinterest boards, anything that could teach me how to apply them. That night, I did. They weren’t perfect, but they worked. I took them off and went to bed. Come Friday, November 3rd, I applied the lashes that morning and hoped they would last me long enough that the guests would be so drunk, they wouldn’t realize if a pair had fallen off. They wound up lasting me until Saturday afternoon, when I returned to Brooklyn. Based on how long they lasted, I decided to scope out other brands to see which held up to my newfound expectations.

Battington Lashes – I came to know Battington last year during a Cosmoprof preview in New York. They say to last up to 25 wears (with proper care) and come on a thick cotton band. In comparison to others the strip is not as flexible, but definitely holds it’s shape longer. At a glance one would assume that the strips thickness and heft would weigh on your lids, but after a few moments out and about, you’ll forget they are even there. Monroe is my everyday go-to, while Harlow is the over-the-top glam essential.

KISS – So KISS really kicks ass in the beauty department. They’ve been a press-on staple for years. I remember Walgreen’s trips with my sister hoping KISS would be on clearance (they never were, but that’s a healed wound, so let’s move on). These are their Lily set with multi-angle technology. As a newbie, I didn’t take into consideration the benefit of scattered lashes. One strip going one direction seemed fine, but once on, there’s a natural enhancement. I loved them, I did, but wanted more volume. Their Camelia lash would have fit the description, but I had a difficult time applying them.

Velour – Velour were the wedding look savior. They added that little extra something (and the missing half) and blended in perfectly with the extensions. This set was mink, and super soft, and fluffy, and light, and just glorious. I loved everything about them – application, how long they lasted (over 24 hours, and yes, I did fall asleep in them. I was tired!). My only gripe is that they shed…a lot. I was able to wear this set two times after the wedding. For those of you saying they are shedding because I slept in them. Yes, they shed more after I slept in them, but they were already shedding during the first application.

Eyelure – They did the job. These lashes added length, volume, and the mascara darkness I desire. There are no real complaints about them, but I wasn’t wowed either. Also, the glue was, no…it was no. A couple of the other lashes I believe also came with glue, but stuck with DUO for as much as consistency as possible.

Flirty Eyes – Sadly they and Eyelure fall into the same grouping… it just did the basic for me, except FE didn’t provide the volume. They are 100% mink and are on a suuuuper flexible strip. Some may like that sort of ease, but a tad bit more structure would be great. If you look close, you can see how their placement is more half-hazard and gaps are filled in with liner.

House of Lashes – Sephora Collection  – I. DID NOT. LIKE THEM. Point blank. I purchased them on a little splurge last year and probably chose the wrong style for my eyes. The strip wasn’t long enough, nor did it have any real give to it. I wore them while volunteering for the Girlboss Rally in November and with every blink, I saw the lashes. The occasional straggle lash is fine, but all-day a fan of stiffness in your view…. No thanks! HoS has tons of other styles, but I was so upset that I couldn’t give them another go. Also, this isn’t me saying Sephora’s brand is trash; it literally is this one lash.

Now, it’s time for the winner. Drumroll please…

BATTINGTON LASHES! Monroe is what sealed the deal. Since wearing them most of November, I ordered two other pairs from Revolve – an extra Monroe and Harlow – because they were just that amazing. Velour was riding real close to second, as the collection is so expansive that with some proper searching, I’m sure I could find their comparable Monroe. Sadly, I’m trying to stop procrastinating, so hours spent online shopping isn’t on the schedule for a while. ::sad face::