“It’s the most wonderful tiiiiime of the year…”

The holidays are actually my least favorite time of the year, but it doesn’t mean I’ll be a purple haired Grinch about it. Socially, we’re meant to gorge on decadence, splurge like we don’t have bills to pay, so I’m here to help you with that. All these goodies have been tested by yours truly [me, for those who wondered who yours truly was], and met my expectations enough to be included this time around.

Anything from PAPYRUS. I wish at times I didn’t like Papyrus so much. I give them way to much money, but it’s not my fault they exceed my expectations every time. Online they offer a ton more than what they provide in-store, and visiting once won’t leave you disappointed. From kitschy stocking stuffers and present wrapping essentials to gifts for all and precious ornaments, PAPYRUS is a place you should definitely hit up. PAPYRUS prices vary depending on item.

BLUNT umbrella had me very skeptical when I met them at NY NOW. Like, how many ways can we re-do the umbrella before we realize that no matter what happens, we’ll always get wet when it rains? Apparently they’ve figured out what designers struggled to reimagine for the last 200 years. You can forget about your BLUNT snapping in hi-wind downpours, soaking your back bottom half, and one of the most ingenious attributes, losing it while schlepping from point A to B. BLUNT is the umbrella we’ve been waiting for all these years. BLUNT umbrellas start at $60.

Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware needs to be in your kitchen. They have taken everything that makes cookware annoying – taking up excessive space, lids that only work on one pot, lids with handles too hot to touch without mitts – and making it ideal for the modern lifestyle. It’s not coming in vibrant colors, but its minimalist hues and design have created a durable construction that fits in many cupboards in multiple configurations. So for those foodies in a closet-sized Manhattan apartment, you will be able to cook that seven-course meal and hide away your pots before serving. Calphalon Premier Space Saving Cookware from $39.99 to $539.99.

Sugai World Clips make cute stocking stuffers or Secret Santa pressies. To any basic eye, these clips offer only one use, but for its size, they provide more than expected. Available in over six styles and color ways they act as paper clips, a bookmark, cord wrap, and are bendable for adjusting to every use. And don’t worry about it being ruined from water… it wants to get wet for a few minutes, and will dry up to be used again. Check store map for stores near you that carry them.


DIY your presents with We Are Knitters. Yes, you will be knitting, and yes you’ll be able to do it. I can’t promise it’ll turn out exactly like the photo, but if you follow the instructions, it’ll turn out pretty close. I tested out the Cuqui’s & Sienna Beanies kit and was frustrated my first couple of hours in. I actually unraveled everything and started over, but after watching a few videos, even slowing it down to follow along, everything came together. My beanie turned out even better than I had hoped. So much so, I’m looking into trying out the sweater. Imagine a world where your best pieces in the closet were made by you! Cuqui Beanie kit starting at $63 without needles.

Yankee Candle adds whatever is missing to every room. It’s hard finding a really good candle. You have to take into account the scent, strength of the scent, is it ideal for the season or event, how long will it burn… just so many things that Yankee Candle has figured out for us. All candles are made in America with premium-grade paraffin wax with wick types chosen specifically for each fragrance, to guarantee the maximum burn time. Yankee Candle starting at $15.99 for small tumbler.

Do you Flavor Paper? Because you should. Flavor Paper creates wallpaper through digital and hand screen-printing from water based inks, latex or eco-solvent, and printed to order ensuring the final result is as green as possible. From infamous Andy Warhol prints to pop art bananas to the Bay Area Toile seen in the Amazon Prime pilot “The Climb”, FP has a design for everyone who loves art, eclecticism, or just has good taste. Flavor Paper start at $5 for 8.5″× 11″ sample.

Mediflow is like a water bed pillow except it won’t burst on you in your sleep. Surrounded by a layer of Dacron Hollofil® fiber, this structure reduces sleep and neck pain. Combined with the fillable water base, the firmness of your pillow is in your hands; and you don’t even need a remote to adjust it. I currently have five full-size pillows on my bed and favor my Mediflow every night. Mediflow Waterbase Pillow from $57.99.

Velvet Amber Sun and Velvet Amber Skin by Dolce & Gabbana are the latest additions to their Velvet Collection. Comprised of scents  that came to fruition through “dedicated research into the ancient essences of Italian tradition, reinterpreted using contemporary perfume-making techniques, bringing the wearer on an unprecedented olfactory journey to discover…” Basically it’s code for you’re paying for an experience of a lifetime. This piece of art shouldn’t be used, but displayed like the work that it is. Velvet Amber Sun woody notes are sweetened by vanilla, ylang-ylang, and hints of patchouli. Velvet Amber Sun and Velvet Amber Skin by Dolce & Gabbana starts at $310.