photo1I’m that person whose consolidating their work luggage after being told it’s over 50lbs in the airport. So when I found out I was going on a Southern Style Getaway with Buick (check out some adventure photos here), I knew this was the best time to try out every my new pillow. I was able to pack my delicate carry-on necessities without forgoing on a few luxuries in the Hästens pillow. And this is why…

Hästens Travel Pillow is a reversible travel pillow allowing you to utilize it to its maximum capabilities. Made of 100% duck down, you can easily turn that soft, cool to the touch pillow into a chic toiletry bag perfect for carry-ons and totes, plus are great for road trips for personal or business leisure.

Now the reason I love Hästens so much is for one reason. After 160 years of being  on of America’s go to sleep brands, they haven’t compromised quality for trends – they’ve merged them by making stylish design, functional and vice versa. Available in 3 colors, this pillow comes in a blue check fabric befitting for all styles and both genders, so nothing is too feminine or masculine. Plus, lying flat on the body is a sort of handle for your hand to hold it tight ensuring no slips.

Retailing at $110, Hästens Travel Pillow is available nationwide at Hästens stores.

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