We’re always talking about charities, how to get involved, what organizations actually give back, etc, etc. Next week, well known celebrity activists Susan Sarandon and Forest Whitaker come together to honor Mary- Louise Parker at the first ever Hope North gala.

Brain child of former child soldier, Okello Sam, Hope North is a secondary school with an internal arts center, vocational school as well as working firm dedicated to rebuilding the youth of Uganda. Having housed over 1,500 youths, staffed by 26 teachers, and aiding in 255 students working towards higher degrees, Hope North is a primary example of how victims give back.

“I am happy to support Hope North because my donations go directly to inspiring Ugandans, who are solving their own country’s problems through healing and educating the thousands of youth who were robbed of their childhood by a terrible civil war,” says Susan Sarandon.

So how can you get involved? The gala is slated for September 18th with tickets currently for sale, but because not everyone lives in New York, those who want to get involved can. In addition to a live performances by Rufus Wainwright and Sahr “Fela!” Ngaujah, an online auction through  Charity Buzz from now until after the gala will aide in providing textbooks and computers for students and staff.

For more information, visit their site here. Plus, please take a moment to watch their moving video. It certainly will put things into perspective for those who don’t believe change is possible. Hope North is truly making a change in the lives of child soldiers who want to be an artist, a nurse, a teacher, an accountant and so much more.