RFID Wallet
Identity Theft. It’s just a descriptor until it becomes your reality and it takes on immense power. Just imagine standing in line, buying coffee, standing in the grocery line or just taking part in your daily commute and having your personal data lifted without so much as being touched. Thanks to most credits cards taking advantage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) protection, a ne’er-do-well can stand meters (that’s right, we’re going metric to show how advanced this scam is) and steal your information that’s been stored on your card. P.S. For those who don’t know, RFID is a feature many cards use to transmit its information without swiping.

Würkin Stiffs has a knack for releasing items that are functional AND fashion-conscious. Enter their Italian calfskin wallets that are lined in a thin alloy that blocks those RFID scanners. The only gripes I can think of are 1.) they only come in black and 2.) they only come in bill-fold styles which makes these more male-centric. But for those of us with friends and family that we want to protect, these are great gift ideas.

For more information on Würkin Stiffs visit them online. Starting at $40 it’s the perfect price to pay to protect your identity.