For decades, women have been searching for the secret to the fountain of youth. And though there’s no cure all all to have us live forever, we can ensure the years we have on this Earth are the youngest, most vibrant years of our life. Nurse turned author, Thorbjorg has been assisting men and women alike in this exact endeavor.

In her latest English translated book, 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks, she has us delve into our current lives and address the real issue. By forcing us to jot down our habits, and changes to said habits, we can discover why we may be 27 but feel 60. And though a greener lifestyle has become a large money making fad in the states over the last years, the ladies of Scandinavia have been living this life for several decades.


I’m not completely done with this read, but I have started on a healthier personal culture. Artificial sugar has been completely cut out of my diet (a week yesterday to be exact), and the side effects have been indescribable. Actually, I can describe them. My morning wakeups have gone from groggy and whiney, to peppy and well rested. The daily migraines I’d become accustomed to have become a rarity, but the most noticeable difference has been the bloating. Or lack thereof.

With many books on the market ultimately making you feel as though there’s a constant nag on your shoulder, Thorbjörg writes in a non-judgmental, empowering tone. A tone that doesn’t scold you for falling off the wagon one day, but encourages you to pick up where you left off.

10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks is available online in paperback and e-reader version. For more information on Thorbjörg, and her personal story read about her on