Like most New Yorkers, I’m still recouping from Fashion Week mayhem – being stuck in close confines with hundreds of people for half an hour in preparation of a 7 minute show, several times a day. Obviously it was well worth it, but I can’t deny that I prefer the intimate launches with a few dozen people, an opportunity to meet the designer and see and touch the collection firsthand.

That ambiance is representative of Harlyn, the first designer collection from Bizz, Inc. A vintage inspired collection named “The Innocents” by Maria Stanley available at American Rag and Revolve for Spring 2013. Yesterday, we had a firsthand look at the latest debut from Bizz, Inc and an inside interview with designer Maria Stanley and Creative Director Ms. Kei Kim.

StyleCartel – Tell us your inspiration behind this collection.

Maria Stanley – The collection is very sweet and innocent. It’s very much vintage inspired. I call the very first collection “The Innocents” derived from a Stepford Wife/Pleastantville kind of feeling, but then she leaves her husband and children and is sipping cocktails at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Kei Kim – We wanted to create a quirky, nerdy yet sexy line. We got together last November and prepared for 8, 9 months all together creating all the samples, all the duplicates, all the of line, all the team, everything. After that it’s history.

SC – What other brands do you represent?

KK – We have a brand called Aryn K and then we have a young contemporary brand called Ark & Co. With those two brands we’re in all the major stores and with Harlyn we wanted to create a collection for higher end specialty stores.

SC – If you could think of any celebrity right now that you would love to see in Harlyn, who would it be?

MS – If Kate Bosworth wore Harlyn I would cry! I would cry myself to sleep!

KK – I feel Zooey Deschanel with this line and lot of the vintage, kind of indie celebrities.

SC – What is your favorite piece in the collection?

MS – This bold floral dress that could have been your grandma’s couch turned into hand wash silk that’s a little fitted and flared dress

MAD LIBbing with Maria Stanley

  • Last night in preparation for today I did not sleep a wink. Tossed and turned all night and drove my roommate nuts.
  • I see this collection best in [what city] New York, for sure.
  • Five years from now I see Harlyn taking over the world.

imagejpeg_7Me and Maria Stanley at Harlyn Spring 2013 Launch

Photos courtesy of Caro Marketing New York