You know we’re always on the lookout for great new products to share. This week, we have two companies that used what we want and what we need and created something phenomenal.

Twice a month, I get a blow out at my neighborhood Dominican salon, where they do practically nothing else but blowouts. They start with a wash and set, and end with a very hot, round brush blowout. My past two visits, I had Lena, my go to stylist, use Kellie Little’s Groove Elliptic. There wasn’t a difference in how my hair turned out, BUT there was a difference in how the overall experience felt. The constant tugging the round brush causes, especially for women of color with coarse hair like mine, was never felt during either try. Lena even said it put very little strain on her wrist and would try it on more of her clients. Plus, not only is it great for blow outs, it doubles as an everyday brush that detangles and smoothes frizz.


When I don’t have Lena do my blowouts, or am in a rush and have to style my thick locks, I sometimes go for a curly look. The downside is that my hair is at a length that with curls, I wind up looking like Oprah – which isn’t what a mid-twenties lady wants…yet.  The upside is my hair can old a curl for days. That’s why I love Sultra. Seriously, I think they have a styling rod for everything but my top choices are The Bombshell and The Bombshell Cone. Both give you a dent free ringlet or wave in half the time, but the cone creates loose waves or tighter curls.


The Temptress Power Dryer is one of the only dryers I’ve ever used where my hair didn’t wind up frizzy, smelling like it was burning, or literally singed to the point it had to be cut off. It dried my hair in a fraction of the normal time, plus my hair wasn’t its typical large pouf when done. The Temptress Power Dryer is currently available in a Mindblowing Set (it’s not a pun. That’s what it’s really called.) that comes with a two interchangeable dryer heads, flat iron as well as blow dryer.