I recently took my braids out and made the decision to not continue down the road of relaxers. For all the weight put on your hair from the density of extensions, the first step was to use a treatment intended to strengthen your hair, but not for an everyday or even every week usage. The e-Cure Treatment, known to strengthen and protect damaged and color treated hair over time, is now available for home usage after a long run as a salon specialty.

What You’ll Need:
• Shampoo Mix Bottle
• Wide tooth comb
• Towel
• Plastic Shower Cap (optional)

How to e-CURE at home:
1. Spray the hair with M – 3.2 until it is thoroughly saturated and dripping.
2. Fill the e-CURE measuring bottle with half S-2 Treatment Moisturizing Shampoo, half M – 3.2 mixture and shake well
3. Lather up the mixture and massage the foam into the hair.
4. Leave on for 3-5 minutes, cover with shower cap if desired.  Do not rinse
5. Spray P – 4.1 lightly throughout hair. Comb through to ends with a wide tooth comb.
6. Rinse out
7. Repeat once every two to three weeks or until hair is at a normal, healthy state.

My thoughts – My hair was easy to comb through even though I didn’t blowdry as to protect from further damage. I would recommend it, but make sure to watch the how-to video as well as read and follow the instructions carefully. Also you’ll be using quite a bit of the product every time, so be prepared to purchase M-3.2 and S-2 after just two, max three usages.