It’s going to be Amy Adam’s year; I feel it in my bones. And with award season well underway, she’s going to need to look the part for every red-carpet, press affair she has. Fortunately for her, she’s got a great team by her side including celebrity hairstylist Laini Reeves. Laini is known for both editorial and red carpet look, but most recently as the creator of the waves Madame Adams was rocking last night. (Yes, those are photos of Amy getting her hair coiffed before the show. Super exclusive… we know. Thanks, Laini!) Lucky for us, she also gave us the 411 on how to get the look at-home. FYI, both products needed are courtesy of the one stop beauty shop, Birchbox. Soooo, YOU’RE WELCOME!

2”curling iron
(4) 4” rollers
Box of pin-curl clips
Soft bristle brush
Tail comb


  1. On damp hair apply the Oribe Volumista from roots to ends
  2. Using the tail comb make a low side part
  3. Blow-dry the hair with the soft bristle brush keeping the ends smooth
  4. Brush the part side of the hair behind the ear and hold with a couple of pin-curl clips
  5. Using the curling irons and rollers,take 2’ sections diagonally from the part towards the face using the curling irons to curl the hair then replace the iron with the roller and pin to hold
  6. Do this 4 times on top of the head back to the crown
  7. With the curling iron, start from the right curling 2” sections into pin curls work around the head to the left
  8. From the left, repeat curling the opposite way into pin curls towards the right
  9. Repeat from the right to the left curling pin curls to the left
  10. Do this until you have curled all of the hair
  11. Spray with Oribe Shine Light Perfecting Spray and let sit for about 20 minutes
  12. Once the hair has cooled down take out all pins and rollers, keep pins in the hair behind the ear to hold hair in place while brushing out.
  13. A light spray will help hold the curl while brushing
  14. Using the soft bristle brush start brushing out the wave, the more you brush the more relaxed the wave will become
  15. When you have your desired wave hold with the spray