The trends for Autumn 2014 sure do look interesting to say the least. While we may not be able to afford the designer garments that Cara Delevingne was spotted strutting in down the catwalk, high street stores everywhere will be stocking up on dupes and similar items fairly soon. So that you’re prepared for the transition from summer to autumn, take a look at the following huge trends:

Mods of the 60s
There’s nothing not to love about the 60s. The hair, the patterns, the bold makeup, the block colours, the shapes – it’s all amazing and it’s all coming back in this autumn! If you want to channel this look, then I suggest you search through thrift stores and vintage stores to find some authentic pieces and then pair them with modern bits and bobs to create a whole new look! You can always buy new pieces that simply look 60s, but by buying vintage you’re actually being eco-friendly and helping the environment. The shops might smell a little musty, but you can find some amazing things hidden away on the rails!

Fairy Tales
This trend is all about dark, enchanting colours and mysterious shapes. Think ruby red, emerald green and midnight blue in the form of asymmetrical cuts and huge coat hoods.

Never heard of ‘normcore’? Well, to put it bluntly, it could be classed as boring. That’s right plain Janes; it’s time to keep it very simple! And dark. Think white, grey, black, and navy in the form of sweaters, jeans, coats, and shirts. You’ll look understated, yet chic. Don’t listen to anybody that calls you dull, simply tell them it’s normcore. They’ll be so embarrassed that they aren’t up to speed with current trends that they’ll shut right up!

Arty prints on dresses and shirts are massive news this autumn. Cara Delevingne and co were all spotted on the runway wearing clothes decorated in watercolour patterns, so look out for these to get in on the trend. You can find plenty of designer clothing online, so take a look to see if you can find anything that looks worthy of a gallery.

Fast Food Fashion
Even if you don’t like fast food, you’d be silly to miss out on the fast food fashion trend.Mcdonalds bags, KFC hats, and Pizza Hut shirts – they may look tacky, but I can assure you that it’s high fashion! Expect to see copies in your favorite high street stores and plenty of bright colors.

The Statement Coat
When it gets a little chilly, ensure that you’ve got a statement coat to throw on over your ensemble. You could go for a little patterned number to stand out, or a big furry thing to keep you toasty in the warmest of temperatures. Take a look at what the models were wearing to give you some inspiration.

Make sure you’re on the hunt for these trends now so you can be ready for the cooler months when they arrive. Happy shopping!


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