Last week was my final week at AQUA Studio, and I sort of already miss it. And by sort of, I mean, miss it tremendously. Before starting, the things I feared, I grew to love. I love being in the water. I love wearing a bathing suit. Actually, I love not wearing pants, which you would know if you lived with me. I love the instructors and how greatly their techniques differ. Basically, I love AQUA Studio.

To be honest, through all my workout journeys, I’ve been very fortunate, nay, blessed, to be surrounded by people who really believe in what they’re selling. Too often you meet nasty health and fitness fanatics that are so self-righteous, you grow to think every guru, fanatic, or practitioner is the same way. Especially living in the Big Apple where etiquette seemed to skip an insurmountable number of people who live, or visit. So for this post, I’m not going to leave you with a sad goodbye, but a list of dos and don’ts for AQUA Studio.Locker-Room

DO –

Be on time. Be early if you can, especially if you’re a newbie. My second time in class Emma told me to remember my bike setting. It would help me in other classes, and allow instructors to focus on those who have never taken the class. Plus, it’s just courteous to be on time. It may not happen every class, but you may hold up the group if they have to stop and wait for you.

Try your hardest. Not everyone can be in position 2. I wasn’t able to do it my first few times, but now I’m able to really use my core and hold myself up.

Listen. Just because Susie MacGee in the corner is sprinting like she’s doing Iron Man, doesn’t mean you have to as well. Your eyes shouldn’t be wandering in the first place. Unless your arms are smacking your neighbor in the face, you should be focusing and listening to 3 things – your instructor, your body, and the music.

Which brings me to, breathe. Trust me. Proper breathing will not only keep you alive while you’re on the bike, but it will push you. I swear, when I consciously breathe, I can go a few seconds longer than if I were breathing like I’m walking on the street. Years ago, when I started at home yoga in 8th grade, I remember reading Mademoiselle. It was the issue with Geri Halliwell , who I adore(d), on the  cover. Anyway, the yoga insert enforced breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. It wasn’t until AQUA that I realized how beneficial and important it truly was.


Talk to other students during class. Save the socializing for outside of class. Your conversation will disturb others around you, causing them not to hear that well. Plus it’s just rude!

Bring a cell phone to the pool area. I went to a non-AQUA studio once where a student brought her phone into class and continued to stop and check. I wished the teacher asked her to leave, as it screwed us all up. Instructors are more than happy to snap photos before or after class, like here. But for other reasons like texting your BFFL, or checking emails. No. First of all, you’re in a large body of water, so I don’t need to tell you how foolish that is. Secondly, this is 45 minutes of a day you’ve set aside for you. Soak it up.

Take up the entire bench. In the locker room, people are rushing in and out. Don’t spread your items out like it’s your bed at home. Use as little space as possible, and remain cognizant of those around. If you need a locker and they all seem used. Ask. Everyone is typically polite, and more than happy to move their belonging out of the way.