Crazy About Tiffany’s is a story of America’s most iconic jewelry brand, Tiffany’s & Co., dating back to its beginning in 1837. This documentary demonstrates the impact and role that Tiffany has played in people’s personal life, the entertainment industry, tourism, and the safeguarding of what makes Tiffany’s, Tiffany’s. From developing many firsts, like America’s first mail order catalog “Blue Book” in 1845, to the varying groups of admirers ranging from artistically simple to grandiosely snobby, to becoming a world-wide phenomenon encapsulating the dreams of millions in one trademarked shade of blue, this film discusses it in style.

There was a moment in the film where one of Muffie Potter Aston’s twin daughter describes how you can just tell a piece of Tiffany’s jewelry by looking at it. Which I don’t doubt these girls can do as they converse very maturely for being only eight and their mother was former EVP of Van Cleef & Arpels… soo, they must know a little something. But for girls that probably grew up in New York the Tiffany’s blue is a staple. Like knowing how to hail a cab, or understanding the subway map at a glance – to a native it’s much more than just a way of getting around it’s an ingrained part of New York City’s culture that globally, no one can strip them of. And if I hadn’t been given my bracelet, that I still wear today, never would have understood the magnitude of this piece.

Briefly, I acquired mine as a Christmas present. It was the Christmas of 2007 to be exact. I was doing an internship in public relations in SoHo and working as a part-time nanny to a family on the Upper East Side. The holidays neared and I had made the decision to return to my university in another state. The family was supportive and wanted to make my last weeks very special. So, when Christmas came, one of the gifts given to me was the Heart Tag bracelet with a card, “So you always have a piece of New York with you.” At this time, Tiffany’s meant nothing to me. Honestly, nothing. I hadn’t nor, still have I, ever seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The most I had ever known came from the fact everyone always gushed over Audrey Hepburn in this cinematic delight. Or how people obsessively recreate [insert any name here] & Co. themed parties. But in mere seconds, Tiffany’s had become to me, what it has always been to the people within this documentary – an old, documented part of New York’s history. Till this day, I still wear the bracelet everyday only to remove it during massages, medical procedures, or to get it cleaned.

This fully authorized documentary offers insight to the continual success of the brand through the eyes of  influencers including Andy Tennant (Writer/Director of Sweet Home Alabama),Jennifer Tilly (Actress), Lisa Herbert (VP of Licensing, Pantone), Cameron Silver (Fashion Historian), Francesca Amfitheatrof (Tiffany Design Director) and many more. Though

Crazy About Tiffany’s was written/directed by Matthew Miele and will be released February 19th in theaters and on VOD.