Hi Y’all… this is my third or fourth post as a Zumba Blogger Ambassador. It’s been really cool trying out new and different patterns and styles, and learning about how varying cuts and materials work for, or against, your body. I know that it’s annoying for many of us out there to try, and try, and try, before we buy, but this experience has actually made me love that process.

Anyway, in this package I received – Toight Like a Tiger Tank, Lift Me Up Long Leggings, Aztec Layered Sleeve Tee, and Gotta Jam Sleeveless Hoodie. Yes it’s too hot to be sporting a hoodie around town, but it’s sleeveless. So one can wear it with only bra for the hotter months, and add a long sleeve crewneck come winter. It’s thin enough to breath, but thick enough to feel the materialistic quality.

Mind you, most of the time I don’t know what I’m going to receive, but this time I was able to choose. Not by touching or feeling, but merely by sight: which is why I chose the tank, sleeve tee, and leggings. And sadly, I didn’t like them. The Aztec Layered Sleeve Tee gave me a very 80s, boxy look. From the photo I assumed it would be similar to a dolman, but put on it gave silhouette. It was thin which made it great for layering, but wouldn’t wear solo again.

As for the tanks and leggings, save them for cooler days. Honestly, they held me in and held me up, but after spinning, the one thing I didn’t want was the stretchy material sticking to my body. The cuts were phenomenal, but this time of year is best for pure cotton, linens, or cotton blends.

Until next time…