We always invest in the best from the beginning to the end. It starts with experience in eyewear design, fit, manufacturing, and optics. And finishes with the specific fitting of your glasses and lenses by our experienced opticians. Every client benefits and see more clearly. We have the best product for the best price online or offline. Period. – Dave Barton, CEO/Founder of David Kind.
I know people are tired of these at home try-on services that are popping up every day. I mean, it’s the same thing. Position your webcam to properly take a photo of your face. Then use some never before seen virtual technology to see how different pairs work for you. Enter your prescription and you’re done. Simple, right? Well, what happens when those glasses look very different come delivery? You have to go through that strenuous process, over, and over, and over again – until you find that perfect pair. Which sort of defeats the online process, especially when the frames are thick, heavy plastic not fitted for you face.David-Kind-Story-ImageNow, imagine if someone created a process that provided you with a personal stylist, at home try-on luxurious options, and as much back and forth as you see fit. Well, that dream is a reality. David Kind is the newest e-commerce that has re-imagined how one purchases eye wear.

My process was quite different as it was done for my mum. She’s computer savvy, but very unclear when it comes to the things she wants. When she says blue, I KNOW she really means purple, indigo, violent, or lavender. But anyone else who didn’t enter the world from her womb, would consider her difficult. Hence why I relayed on the questions, comments, and wants to the amazing, never before seen (seriously, I’ve never seen her), Trish. Our back and forth lasted over a week, and throughout the entire process it was complete patience. Which was the largest part of what makes the process so smooth. When you have trained professionals (a licensed optician reached out immediately when requested…THANKS LAURA!) who know the value of great customer service, it makes the situation, no matter how horrible, seem easy as pie.

David Kind offers impeccable, one-on-one service to all its clients, frames crafted in Italy and Japan, and a myriad of lens options that “competitors” don’t even know about. As a newly launch brand, they are at the top of their game. Only time will tell how far they’ll go.