There’s something about designers who represent the different parties within the female race. Whether it be the slim fit, curvy fit, hippie genre, mod aesthetics, classic sophistication – the list goes on and on. No matter what woman you peg yourself as, there’s always a designer out there that represents you and your fashion ideals to a tee. Erin Barr’s Spring/Summer 2013 collection does just that for the Dita Von Teese’s of todays world (and Marilyn of yesterdays).


Key pieces – Part zipped knee length coats, partly sheer beaded dresses, high slit dresses, double key hole neckline detail, zip peplumtop, leather waist cinched tops, sheer skirt overlay, tiger stripe design, bow front tie tops, racer back front neckline

Key colors – White, black, deep red, heather grey

Swag – With the cut-out detail evocative of the Spanish Almodóvar film, La piel que habito, half lensed glasses from the 60s and loose fitting, waist cinching silhouettes to daintily gracethe right curves, Barr’s collection will be dressing the likes of many of Hollywood’s leading ladies soon.