It’s hard to believe I’m writing a story on a collaboration between LeSportsac and Erickson Beamon. I grew up on LeSportsac: it’s the ultimate in laid-back, preppy cool (we’re talking West Coast prep, here) and I’ve always relied on it to keep it easy and breezy. Erickson Beamon on the other hand is dramatically elegant with a tinge of wistfulness. Their clients range from First Lady Michelle Obama to Lady Gaga and I have yet to see a piece look the same from one person to the next. There’s an individuality that Erickson Beamon brings from within that is just lacking in LeSportsac…until now.

To be honest, when I found out about this collaboration, I couldn’t wrap my mind around how Erickson Beamon would turn my beloved LeSportsac (and their nylon!) into something show stopping and daring. When some people get a challenge, they perform above and beyond the intended scope and I am floored by the outcome. It’s still LeSportsac but the opulence of Erickson Beamon is evident in the details. The bag I received had a background that could best be described as a cacophony of pearls, crystals and gold chains; it was bold yet understated at the same time. Even the zipper pulls are cocktail rings to drive home the point glamor; nothing was left to chance in this capsule collection. While I still love my everyday LeSportsacs, it’s good to see that like people, brands can experiment and still retain the essence of who they are.

Written by Angela E.