You see a cutie walking towards. You flash your pearly and cheekily look away. They stop. They say,”Hi. You have a beautiful smile.” You bat your newly purchased full set. The conversations turns from a giggle fest to an exchange of numbers.

It’s 6PM. This sexy hunka hunka burning love arrives a few moments early. Your butterflies kick in and you feel your pit glands going into overdrive. At this point, not only has your deodorant rubbed off on your little black dress, but there’s a distinct must oozing from your vicinity. It all seemed to be going well, until that hunka hunka has caught a whiff of that odor, and suddenly remembered he had to feed his neighbor’s dog. He drops you off at home and doesn’t respond to your texts, Instagram comments, or anything in between.

As you sit wondering was it me, let me break the new, Love. It wasn’t you, it was your pits – which basically is your fault. Never mind it was you. Seriously, he could ignore the streaky white marks, but that scent took him over the edge. If you confided in Secret Outlast ClearGel, like the rest of us do for white mark-free, 48 hour protection, you’re fantasy of riding off into the sunset on a black stallion could’ve have been reality. But now you’ll never know.