Is this your first foray into fashion?
The AW’14 collection is my 9th collection!  I began to produce my own brand in 2010 and by 2011 had established my “shop in shop” at Zen at Central World in Bangkok.

What is your formal training?
 My formal training began with a Fine Arts degree in Bangkok which of course colors my work as I design all of my prints first by hand with the techniques of pen & ink, collage, watercolor or paint then translate them to digital prints. But my passion and dream evolved into the desire to design my own collection so I completed my education at London School of Design and furthered my learning at F.I.T in New York.

Where do you find the most inspiration when creating? 
I draw my inspiration from my travels which expose me to the culture, arts, spirituality and natural surrounding that I encounter and filter through my feminine perspective. Every collection tells a story, inspired by some experience I’ve encountered that sparks my next creations.

Tell us about the materials, fabrications, and details used.
The fabrics I source are primarily European, Japanese and Thai. I desire to leave a light carbon footprint which leads me to use many synthetic materials.

If you compared your designs to any place in the world, where would it be?
I divide my time primarily between New York and Thailand so both of these places color my work.  The urban, chic energy of New York, combined with the playful sensuality of Thailand.

What fashion rules do you think should never be broken? (ie. sequins in the day time).
I do not think there are any specific fashion rule to be broken. Our creativity cannot be curtailed and I feel I can be a mix media art to style myself in any occasion.