Imagine a Paris day, that’s slightly humid with the occasional breeze. Everyone is rushing home from work, and on somewhat busy boulevard, there’s a market open and on display – to look at. That’s right. Ne touchez pas!

Move that entire scene to New York. The place where there is constant sounds, and traffic, and movement, and smells. For me, that is what the Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeurpresentation was. It was like Newton’s first law of motion “An object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion unless disturbed by an unbalanced force in the same direction.”

The collection, protected behind the display case was at rest, unaffected by the environment. While the viewers experience jumped from understanding the vegan, cruelty free storyline to Eleanor Friedberger performing “La Vie en Rose” to connecting the color story to random passersby voicing their annoyance to returning to the presentation once again. It was like being in the busiest market, during peak hours, when all you need is the ripe tomato for your stew.

Arden Wohl x Cri de Coeur Spring/Summer 2016 collection entitled “Disruptive Fashion Experience”, in short, was exactly that.