Just when you thought you couldn’t get enough Cookie Lyon in your life, Deborah Lippmann goes and drops this EMPIRE Collection. Say what?! Yes. Deborah Lippmann x EMPIRE have collaborated on a trio of show-stopping shades perfect for every season. Properly mixing the glitz, glamour, and street is no easy feat but the costume designers of the show have done it for two season seamlessly. Now Lippmann has joined the crew of masters that can take genres and bring it to life through their medium. The colors? Hustle hard a fuchsia shimmer that reminds you of that stole Cookie wore when she announces management of Tiana;Power of the Empire is a gold glitter hue ideal for ensembles that involve chucking shoes at your conniving ex-husband; and War of the Roses is, well, just the hue necessary to announceMiss Boo Boo Kitty is playing Empire Records. (Obvi… I’m an Empire fan!)

But just to be clear, this collaboration goes much deeper than pretty things. As a trained jazz singer with a lifelong passion for music, Deborah was captivated by the melody and lyrics from each song. This collaboration holds a special place for her, a member of the entertainment industry with three albums to her name, “As The New York Times said, ‘EMPIRE has prestige, great music and gifted actors…it is Dynasty in the age of hip hop.’ What’s not to love?! It combines all my favorite passions – gorgeous beauty, killer style, and out of this world music. I am a loyal viewer and can’t wait to tune in weekly.”

What’s not to love about this collaboration too! Lacquers will be available come November atSephora.com and Nordstrom.com for $24, just in time for the holiday! If your Secret Santa is an Empire fan, this will be the perfect gift.