When you have THE Deborah Lippmann backstage to give you 411 on the nail look for Public School’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, you drop everything and listen. And listen to every word we did. So, you know, you can thank us later with fresh baked goodies. Store bought will do too!

Inspiration: “When I met the gentleman behind Public School, I was like, “Oh my god. You are too cool for school.” They literally are so cool. The collection for them started with thoughts of architecture, space, travel … I was looking at the clothes and there’s a fabric that has a feathery … It’s a black fabric with a white feathering. Then there’s a white fabric with a black feathering. We started playing with the idea of negative space and a feathery feather on the nail.”IMGP2229

The Look: “We are painting. We are using a base coat called Genie in a Bottle so that the girl’s nails look really, really fresh, and it takes away any yellow they might have on the nails. It makes their nails look really bright. We are wiping off almost all of the polish off of the brush of Amazing Grace which is my opaque white, then wiping it lightly across the nail from the bottom to the top. On this side, it will go that way. It will go opposite directions. The feathers are all on the matching direction.”

“We’re putting no top coat on it because we want to keep that textured feel of it. Texture was part of the discussion. It’s a throwback, a nod to the fabric and some of the clothes. The toes are really, really clean. We’re using two very thin coats of Naked, which is a sheer beige which will hopefully look like a perfect nothing.”

On the toes … “Those are also shiny with it. We’re using the Gel Lab Pro base coat and the Gel Lab Pro top coat on those. It’s really nice. It’s really modern. Nail art is still there. Dao and I really connected on the negative space. He was like, “Now you’ve got my attention.”

Nail shape  “We’re doing a shorter, more rounded nail. In my gut, I feel there is a nail shape change coming. It’s been bubbling up. I’ll see you next year [laughter]. Something is bubbling up on my insides though.”