As I’ve gotten older, my love for lingerie has grown. From the prude 20 year-old who wore her sleeves off the shoulder to be risqué to a now 27 year-old who still wears granny panties out of comfort, but would trade every last one for a high-waisted sheer number any day of the week. But so few brands make truly, sexy pieces for women with a bust larger than a DD or bottoms that aren’t the “standard” 12. And why not? At the end of the day we all deserve to feel and look sexy, even if our sexy is covered up my office appropriate attire.

That’s why this week CurvyStyles is dedicate to Hips & Curves. The name actually speaks for itself. Founded back in 2000 by Rebecca Jennings, its initial and current mission was to help women live “full, fabulous lives” via lingerie. By created quality, innovative and sexy collections, Jennings brought to life a full functioning brand just for women with a little extra. And I know I’ve praised other companies for their intimates line featuring a plus-size section, which is great. Hips and Curves concentrates solely on a market that has been left to fend for themselves in fashion for way too long.

Hips-and-Curves-IIBut enough about that, let’s talk about their collection. This summer, I took some Hips & Curves necessities with me, on my 6 week tour of Europe, which included the Colette Embroidered Bra, Alexa Push-up Demi, a long sleeve night dress. Hands down, the Colette was my go to bra for almost my entire trip. I actually wore it just yesterday. It lifted, it held those bad boys up and never was there any spillage, which is a down side to push-up bras. As for the long sleeve night dress, I found it a bit tight, which means of two things – 1. I ordered a size too small or 2. It’s meant to be fitted. Either way, I still enjoyed the grey and pink color contrast and the two slits on the side added a touch of sensuality in stereotypically drab sleep ensemble.Hips-and-Curves-I

There were a couple other pieces ordered that will be featured in another story next month, so I won’t ruin the surprise now.

Featured in VOGUE Italia’s infamous “Belle Vere” issue, Hips & Curves has become a household name for plus-size lingerie. But don’t take our word for it… see for yourself.