I’m sure you’ve heard of the fabulous Nicolette Mason and the always stylish ModCloth. What if I told you these two joined forces to create a private label collection for all their clients? You can rock that pink polka dotted dress as a size 2, 10, or 20, and know that it was manufactured for each size – not just as an afterthought by adding of a few inches here and there. That’s why I’m so gung-ho about this week’s Curvy Styles.amj_Nicolette-Mason1

She’s not an icon, yet, but Nicolette has paved the way for many plus-size ladies along with other babes who know and understand the discrimination in fashion to where they developed their own styles to show off what they have and still look on point. It’s a task that I find daunting, and hard to develop resulting in my everyday attire of workout pants, oversized cardis, and sneakers. Am I going to work out? Sometimes yes, but it’s also the easiest option when your sizably lost in this sea of fashion. Which is why I love this collaboration so. It’s the first of its kind that not only makes me confident enough to want to want to wear it around town, but is limited enough that the styling options are endless, and not overwhelming. Create an ensemble of only chucks, or overdo it with bangles, hoops, heels shades, cross body, and whatever else you feel is lacking. However you choose to rock it, it’ll be your own style identity.

Sadly you and I are going to have to wait a couple more months for its drop in October (just in time for my birthday!), but that will give you more than enough time to save up for your favorite pieces. Available in sizes XS-4X this all style inclusive collection will be seen on all the ladies this fall.