Roller-LashSay bye-bye to your eye lash curler, and hello to Benefit’s latest mascara, Roller Lash. It’s the “super-curling and lifting mascara” we’ve been waiting for. Now that I think about it, why has it taken this long? I mean, if you can create 8-hour no smudge lipstick, I feel like curling mascara should have been on top of that list… right? Well that’s neither here nor there now, because it’s literally here.

The other day I tried it on my lashes and let’s just say my eyes looked so fly they were doing the Tootsee Roll. My lashes are slightly faint at the tip as that happens when hair thins at a point, and this brush got everyone. Due to the Hook ‘n’ Roll brush, the wand now grabs, separates, lifts and curls a la meme fois – leaving a curl that lasts up to 12hours.  C’est magnifique, non? And because the chemical composition contains Provitamin B5 (known for moisturizing, anti-aging, strengthening properties) and Serine (best known as hair conditioning agent in the beauty industry as it helps keep hair strong and smooth), it’s ensuring your lashes stay in tiptop shape with each wear.

Roller Lash just launched this March so is now available at locations where Benefit is sold. You may want to get it now, before the makeup junkies realize what a goldmine this is and clean house.


Sketch image courtesy of Andrea Cámpora