Tell us a bit about your history in fashion.

Actually, the funny thing is that I didn’t start with fashion. I first studied beauty (make up and hair) design, but I quickly realized that my passion lies in fashion design, so I went back to school in Korea studying fashion design. After graduating I started my own label.

Where did the name of your brand originate from?

CRES. E DIM. comes from CRESCENDO and DIMINUENDO. In music, dynamics usually refers to the volume of a sound or note. The term “Crescendo” translates as gradually becoming louder and “Diminuendo” means gradually becoming softer.

How does this collection differentiate from the last? Or what sort of message, if any, were you trying to convey that you refrained from portraying in the past? A sense of maturity, artistic influence, etc.
The SS14 collection is different from FW13, more and more mature in the design and better suited to the reality of the market. Also the theme changed, I always get inspired by artists with strong concept or personality. This season, I was inspired by the work of Renee Verhoeven for the details and Michael Hansmeyer for the global structure.
Also I can feel this collection is lighter from the previous one, I think my customers can feel it. There is no message I want to spread with this collection, just a deep work about layers & structure with different materials.

Are there any collaborations in the future for CRES. E DIM.? What’s next on the bucket list of fashion stardom are you looking to cross off with you brand?

I would love to collaborate with talented artists. I will try to connect with other artists for the next seasons. The principal goal for CRES. E DIM. today is to be globally known as a contemporary designer brand and sell on international markets.

What separates CRES. E DIM. from the other brands out now? What is lacking in the industry that you feel you are honing in on?
I wish that people would wear the clothes that they deeply want to wear instead of wearing fashionable trends; so many brands just follow trends. CRES. E DIM. aims at being authentic despite of trends. CRES. E DIM. will always be CRES. E DIM.- always itself. It’s what I like, what I feel, my true personality.