Ok. No more excuses. You have to get outside, especially if you’re in New York, or planning to visit within the next two months. There’s so much to do. So much to see. But most importantly so much to eat. And though I’m not an advocate for the tourists who block the sidewalk looking at a map rather than walking to the corner and clearing the way for us mad residents who have to get to work, I can’t stop them from visiting – I’m not JESUS! The least I can do is advise them on what to do, while in town.

This Cartel Hangout is of the annual pop-up variety. You know, the ones that are around for such short periods of time, it’s pertinent you come once a week for a tasting. Broadway Bites by UrbanSpace is the latest food pop-up near Herald Square that houses over 20 very different options of delicacies. From brisket sandwiches with blueberry puree and pickled onion to Maine lobster rolls to buffalo chicken arancini to pistachio cannolis to Korean barbecue tacos, unless you have strict dietary restrictions you can’t choose just one.Past-Broadway-Bites

Some of the vendors own storefronts or restaurants, others are in the catering realm making their treats less accessible to the mass public. Which is what makes UrbanSpace, UrbanSpace. Dating back to 1970 London, the original mission, which still plays a major component to their set-ups now, was to create a commercial environment for community gathering. And what better way for the community to gather and be as one, than with food? Isn’t food the common denominator in almost every single  get together? Whether it be religious, mourning, or celebratory,  there’s always food around. Oh geez… let me wrap this up, my stomach just started growling.

For more information on UrbanSpace and its ventures, visit them online. In the meantime, checkout the schedule and stop by the market when in town, or on your lunch break, or when you need to get away from your kids, or when you want to be with your kids. Basically stop by for every occasion possible.

Located at Greeley Square Park – Broadway and Avenue of the Americas between 32nd and 33rd – Broadway Bites by UrbanSpace will be open EVERYDAY until August 1st from 11am – 9pm.